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More about my art process

All my prints are signed limited edition (total edition size of 200) original Linocut relief prints, which are handprinted on cotton-rich, acid free paper.


What is an original linocut print?

An original print is the printed impression produced from a block which the artist has worked, in this case a sheet of Art Linoleum.  By choosing to use a fine art print medium, it is possible to produce a number of (almost) identical images, each one a hand-made original by the artist. Normally there is a separate inking, wiping and printing of each colour and for each copy within the edition.

The total number of prints is predetermined by the artist and thereafter; the blocks, are destroyed or recycled so that no further impressions may be taken. Each original print includes the signature of the artist and also an indication of the total edition and serial number of the print. This appears like a fraction – 1/200 meaning the first print out of an edition of 200.

What is linocut relief printing?

A relief print is any print in which an image is printed from the raised portion of a carved block surface – in this case sheet of Art Linoleum.  Each of my prints are taken from one of my own sketched designs which is transferred and then carved in to a sheet of Art Linoleum using specialist tools. The carved surface is then rolled with ink using a brayer (roller), printmaking paper is placed on top and it is hand pulled from a manual printing press. Given the unique process of this form of printmaking, each print is slightly different which adds to their charm.


I use a variety of specialist wood carving tools. My most treasured carving tools are my small set of Pfiel tools – these are beautifully Swiss crafted wooden handled tools allowing for very fine mark making. All my designs are inked by hand and pulled from a manual printing press (I’ve named her Florence – after one of my favourite musicians, Florence and the machine).


I print on either 200 or 250gsm cotton rich acid free mixed media paper.


I prefer working with professional water-soluble inks as they are easy to clean and do not require the use of harmful chemicals. I predominantly use the Speedball block printing inks for they are readily available in South Africa, are of high professional quality, easy to clean and quick to dry.